The Farnham Lions Charity Advent Calendar

Win great prizes donated by local businesses and supporters. £5 per calendar. All proceeds go to local good causes via Farnham Lions Club

The calendar is sponsored by Andrew Lodge, Micheal Conoley, The Herald, Robert & Tanya Lewis and Southern Properties & Management

Andrew LodgeMichael Conoley

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heraldRobert Tanya LewisSouthern Properties


Buy a calendar and then every day from 1st to 24th December, check to see if your unique number on the front, bottom right of your calendar, has won a prize. Follow the instructions on the website, arrange collection from the prize donor or alternative location and enjoy the prize! It is that simple…..

Each window reveals several prizes to be won. In total, more than 70 prizes have generously been donated and they include a wide variety of experiences, goods and discounts including vouchers for meals, distillery and brewery tours, weekend test drive of hydrogen powered car, play a £10k guitar, car valeting, free MOT, adventure in Alice Holt, and on the final day the top prize of £500 in cash!

Where to buy your calendars

Date Venue

24th Oct Farmers Market in central car park

2nd November Maltings Market

20th Nov Farnham Christmas Lights switch on

28th Nov Farmers market in central Farnham

Local businesses selling on our behalf throughout October and November including.........

Farnham Herald Office - West Street, Farnham

UMG café - Waverley Lane near the station

Hogs Back Brewery Shop

Waverley Foot Clinic, East St Farnham

Barista Lounge/Bistro Downing St

Bears Restaurant Downing St

( More locations will be added)

Occasional presence during October and November

Various events at Farnham Maltings

Tilford Village Shop

Outside Morgan’s in the Ridgeway


MOT, 2 x No.5 Car Washes,
External & internal car wash & polish
Anne Lucartti
3 months on-line Pilates
Barista Lounge

Afternoon tea for 2
Meal for 2 worth £50
FarnhamBeerEx logo

4 x tow tickets Thursday Evening Tickets
Carolyn Wood 1
Introductory Hypnotherapy Session
Castle Inn 1
Meal for 2
Ceramic Cafe

Voucher for ceramic painted mug
Chawton House
Afternoon tea for 2 & Family Membership

£25 Voucher
Da Massimo 02
4 x £25 voucher

1 Years subscription
Go Ape_Logo.svg
£66 Voucher
2 x Tour & Tastings for 2,
Cocktail Masterclass for 2
Gin School fo 2
PLUS 15% discount on full price
web items with code ' gorillalions '
Graham Jewellers

Guitar Village
Guitar Experience
Your chance to play a £10k guitar 

Heavans Kitchen

4 x £50 meal vouchers for 2
HoopsVelo 1
£50 Voucher

Brewery tour for 4

£50 Voucher
Keith Nash

Original Water Colour
Merrow Tyres

2 x Tyre Alignment

2 x Rolled Turkey Breasts
Uncooked ham
Joint of Beef

Pullingers plus_strap

£50 Gift Card
Queens Head
£50 Voucher
room ten_logo

4 x £50 Vouchers
Smallbone sons

Bronze Turkey 4.5kg
£60 Voucher

60 Min Segway Experience for 2

£50 Garden Centre Voucher
The Establishment

£55 Hair Cut
Wheatsheaf square

£50 Voucher
Pair of Sunglasses
Christmas Hamper
Waverley Foot clinc

2 X Podiatry Sessions
Wrights logo
Bottle of Gin, Case of Wine
Case of Beer & a Magnum 

4 X Mot's

Miria Hydrogen Car test
for a weekend
Weekend Electric Car Test
3 Months Membership for two

If you have any questions, please email

December 13th will be a lucky dip day and on December 24th the top prize of

£500 will be won!

Farnham Lions Advent Calendar 2021

Terms and Conditions

The Calendars will be on sale at a number of events and locations in Farnham from October until 28th November 2022. All the proceeds of the Advent Calendar will go into the charity account of Farnham Lions Club  to support local good causes.
The price for each calendar if £5. There are no discounts for multiple purchases.
There are no refunds on calendars and they are not for resale.Each calendar has a unique serial number in the bottom right of the picture on the front painting.
Only the serial numbers of  the calendars sold will be entered into the draw.
There will be a separate draw for each of the 24 days on the calendar. Each day will have one or more prizes and the winning serial number for each prize will be recorded. If you want to know if the serial number of your calendar(s) has won a prize, you need to access the Farnham Lions Website.
The winning numbers and the prize they have won will be published that day on the Farnham Lions Club website and on various social media forums. Weekly, the results will be published in the Farnham Herald. All winning numbers will be kept on the website until end of February 2022.
The winning serial numbers can only win once and will be removed before the next day’s draw.
If you see that the serial number on your calendar matches a winning number then you have won that prize. There will be instructions on the website on how to claim the prize – typically there will be collection instructions from the prize donor or if that is not practical, collection may be from a different location. For any collection you must take your calendar as proof of winning.
Farnham Lions Club are not liable for any of the prizes. There is no guarantee that the published prize is available particularly as circumstances may have changed due to the impact of Covid. However, Farnham Lions Club will put in every effort to find an alternative prize.
Prizes cannot be swapped for cash nor for a different prize.

If you win a prize, you have of course the right to transfer it to someone else.
Prizes must all be picked up by the end of February 2022. However, some prizes may be limited by date eg a restaurant giving a voucher for meals only if taken before the end of January 2022.
Some prizes will have constraints not only on dates but possibly on age, clean licence,  location, etc for example car test drive. There may be  safety rules eg Go Ape, Anytime Fitness, and limit on numbers eg from a restaurant where a discount might only apply to food or a limit on numbers eg minimum of 4 guests. and we shall endeavour to reply within 24 hours.