Just a few photos to show some of the fun, friendship and fellowship that we have been privileged to enjoy with our friends from Frankenberg, Germany over more than 20 years of formal twinning. Two major International joint projects have also delivered fantastic results. 

Twinning is a long term commitment to work, rest and play together; and Frankenberg and Farnham are we believe excellent examples of the understanding  that can be developed across the world with such relationships. Here is to the next 20 years.

Lion Presidant Barbara Geoff & Angela on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Geoff & Angela on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2016.

Our twinning is as strong as ever

Marcus - on behalf of Frankenberg
Dinner 1 Dinner 2 Dinner 3
Wetzlar Tour - 2016 Wetzlar - Cathedral Organ Lulled to rest by the organ....
The tour .... Wetzlar - 2016

Wetzlar - 2016
Wetzlar Old Markets
More from Wetzlar IMG 4084 Brunch ....
Hampton Court Gardens - rest after lunch! Lions Visit Hampton Court
                       Hampton Court - 2015
Lion President gets little response
Cloud 9 Sailability Visit
                         Sailability - 2015
Lionheart II
Frankenberg to Farnham via Kerala Joint Twinning Project
                   Indian Spectacular - 2015
At the banquet
IMG 1179 IMG 1006
                                   Dresden Visit
IMG 1016
IMG 0032 DSC 1770
IMG 1162
DSC01603 DSC 1902 DSC 1746
IMG 1074 DSC 1662 DSC 1688
IMG 0040 IMG 1051 IMG 0070