2022 Food Parcels

2022 Food Parcels 002

4th December 2022 - We thank the generosity of Farnham Residents for this year's Food Parcel Collection
our most recent example of what we do...

Farnham Lions Club is a non-political, nor religious club with forty six members, some of whom have been so for a number of years whilst eight others for less than two years. The membership includes those who work full time, are semi-retired or fully retired. All our members share a common goal which is to help support our local community. Aside from all the great work done by our members there is also a social calendar that members can dip in and out of as they wish leading to new acquaintances and new friendships.

Farnham Lions activities include raising funds via fun events such as Farnham Beerex, The Farnham Lions Charity Golf Day, The Farnham Lions Charity Advent Calendar and the Farnham Lions Cider & Sausage Festival.

The Farnham Carnival is also one of our key community events as is our annual Tea Party for the elderly. We also provide support to a number Farnham Town Council activities. We are also passionate about the provision of CPR training and the siting of Defibrillators.

We also have annual appeals to raise funds to help those within our community struggling with Fuel Debt, collecting Xmas goodies and food basics during September to give to those in need of a little extra Xmas cheer as well as appeals for unwanted spectacles that are recycled and unwanted laptops that are refurbished and given to those in need.

All of the funds raised are used diligently by our Welfare Team who respond directly to personal requests from individuals, couples and families for a very wide a needs and also from local organisations who need our financial support to provide assistance to so many within our community.

If this sounds as it may be of interest to you please Contact Us or email We will respond with an invitation to have a chat over a beer or a coffee.