Press Releases & Media Coverage

Farnham Lions are very fortunate to have excellent relationships with our local media companies. The Farnham Herald, The Haslemere Herald, The Surrey and Hants News, Round and About and Vantage Point provide us with wonderful coverage of our activities, keeping our profile in front of our local community.

Below you will see a table of articles printed by the above publications since 2014. 

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July 2018 Lions fund new Haematology Unit
July 2018 Otter Vandal faces Court Action
April 2018 Otterley Brilliant 
April 2018 Beerex 2018
March 2018 Brewing a beer for Beerex
March 2018 Heartstart article
January 2018 Donation to Sandy Hill Inclusive Partnership
November 2017 Wencelas launch 2017
November 2017 Presentation to Farnham Youth Choir
November 2017 Presentation to Peter Alliss
November 2017 Wheatsheaf Event
October 2017 Farnham Youth Choir Concert
September 2017 Newsletter 
August 2017 Beerex Press Release
July 2017 Spectacular article in the Surrey and Hants


November 2016 Golf Day Presentation
December 2016 Christmas Pantomime
December 2016 Beerex article for Roundabout
December 2016 Christmas Parcels
December 2016
A busy few weeks for the members of the Lions Club of Farnham
January 2017 Heartstart Courses
March 2017 Spectrec relaunch - do you have unused spectacles?
March 2017 Wenceslas Press release
May 2017 Beerex Beer of the Festival presentation to Tilford Brewery
May 2017 ATC
May 2017 Easter Eggstravaganza - congratulations to Badshot Lea WMC
June 2017
Charter handover to the new President


December 2016 2016 Xmas Parcel Collection
November 2016 Lions promise and even better Spectacular!
November 2016 Sailability - New Jetty facility
October 2016 2016 Golf Day Press Release
October 2016 Mayor learns to save a life.png
September 2016 Heartstart Courses Start for fifth year
August 2016 Boost for the Air Ambulance
June 2016 Looking forward to Carnival
June 2016 Farnham Carnival 
April 2016 Voice of Golf auctioned
April 2016 School installs defribillator
April 2016 Sailability welcomes Lions
April 2016 Lions' support for Step by Step charity
April 2016 Plenty of Interest in a refreshers fair
April 2016 Lions look forward to 20th charity golf day event
April 2016 Defibrillator campaign launched
April 2016 Planning for a Carnival Spectacular
April 2016 Heartstart team trains 600 people
April 2016 Memorial Ground was meant for all
March 2016 Early birds catch the tickets
March 2016 Outstanding in their service to Farnham and its people
March 2016 Good Eggs recognised for their service to community
March 2016 Lions to launch Eggstravaganza Appeal
March 2016 Council flies the flag to mark Commonwealth Day
March 2016 Plenty of interest in refreshers' fair
February 2016 Planning for a carnival spectacular
February 2016 More Beerex
February 2016 Payments for Wenceslas begin
February 2016 Drinking
February 2016 Another Berex flyer
January 2016 Farnham Beerex flyer
January 2016 Forty cheers for the beers
January 2016 Beerex celebrating ruby anniversary
January 2016 Grateful thenks to Lions
January 2016 Heartstart classes set to continue
January 2016 Win tickets for Beerex
January 2016 Big year for Beerex
December 2015 Lions supply record number of parcels
December 2015 Payments to ease fuel debt now being allocated
December 2015 Wenceslas again / Wenceslas team set to combat fuel debt again
December 2015 Lions encourage project Wenceslas / Next year's Beerex the 40th
November 2015 Lifesaver Jo in right place again
November 2015 Lifesaver deserves the highest praise
November 2015 Lions install another defibrillator
October 2015 Sailability welcomes Lions
October 2015 School installs defibrillator
October 2015 Cyclists fund another defibrillator
October 2015 Lions support young carers
October 2015 Guests given a guided tour
September 2015 Lions help keep ambulance flying
September 2015 Lions provide a treat for the elderly
September 2015 The voice of golf auctioned at Lions' event
September 2015 Cake sale at estate agents
August 2015 Best in show shield presented
August 2015 Carnival montage
August 2015 Indian spectacular
August 2015 Beerex raises record amount
July 2015 Honoured for making Farnham a better place to live
July 2015
Farnham says 'thank you' to volunteers
July 2015 Lions donate tables
July 2015 Carnival awards presented
July2015 Celebration of our armed forces
July 2015 Letters to the Editor


June 2015 From Wellington to Abba
June 2015 All set for Waterloo Carnival
June 2015 Nearly time for Carnival
May 2015 Lion s increase donation to Nepal fund
May 2015 Thank you Swain & Jones
May 2015 More Spectacular pictures
May 2015 Lions Stage Indian Spectacular
May 2015 Thousands of real ale lovers flock
May 2015 Thousands of real ale lovers flock(2)
May 2015 Indian Spectacular Programme
May 2015 Mine's a pint
May 2015 They were here for the beer
March 2015 Lions donate a new safety boat
February 2015 Sailability awards and a new safety boat
February 2015 Ale taster wows again at the Maltings
February 2015
A Beerex taster
February 2015 Fountain Centre Presentation/public/2015.02.08 Fountain Centre Presentation from Golf Day 2014.pdf
February 2015 Members welcome to the annual lunch--Lions Endeavour Award presented
February 2015 Sorry we don't do Fireworks - Friends of Lions  Social evening
February 2015 Lions stage Indian Spectacular
February 2015 Pupils learn how to be real-life heros
February 2015 Want to know more about our Lions--Tilford and Rowledge Parish Magazines
January 2015 Work gets under way  on 2015 carnival / Mustn't overlook Farnham Lions apology.
January 2015 Simple skills save lives
January 2015 Gearing up for the 39th Beerex
January 2015 Highly prestigious UN role for Lion
January 2015 Howard Lee heads for the UN
January 2015 Join Heartstart class and learn how to save a life + others
January 2015 Lions oil the wheels
January 2015 Wenceslas project off to a good start
December 2014 Shot in the arm for air ambulance
December 2014 Farnham has some wonderful residents
December 2014 Lions keep the Panto flag flying
December 2014 Obituary--Ray Pascoe
December 2014 Lions show appreciation to St John for hall use.
December 2014 Family given the best Christmas present
November 2014 Lions donate heavy duty sewing machine
November 2014 Lions are children at heart
November 2014 Project Wenceslas steps out again in Haslemere
November 2014 Wenceslas fuel project returns
October 2014 Farnham Lions help to save lives
October 2014 Farnham Lions Golf Day supports cancer care
September 2014 Competitive Music Festival firmly ensconced in calendar
September 2014 Fountain Centre Thanks for Golf day
September 2014 Lions urge people to support air ambulance
September 2014 Runners on their marks for Pilgrim Marathon
August 2014 Lions support China appeal
August 2014 Beerex another major triumph
August 2014 Carnival Glory relived
August 2014 Lions' donation to Therapy Garden
July 2014 Roll up your sleeves and join the lions
July 2014 Lion President welcomes home the team of cyclists
July 2014 They would ride 1000 miles
July 2014 Pedal power proves a truly grand effort
July 2014 Triumphant return home for cyclists
July 2014 Youth café patrons dining out on gift
July 2014 Flying the flag for the forces
July 2014 Lions look back on another successful year
July 2014
Gratitude from Carnival Chairman / Safari so good
July 2014 Carnival capers despite the weather