Our Twin Club - Frankenberg Lions, Germany

Just over 20 years ago we formed a twinning arrangement with our fellow Lions in Frankenberg, Germany a club about two hours drive north of Frankfurt. One of our objectives, apart from spreading fellowship and enjoying good social relations is "To create and foster a spirit of understanding internationally".  Over the last 20 years, representatives of our two clubs have travelled and enjoyed social visits each to the other, alternating between Germany and UK. But perhaps more importantly in many ways, we have always organised joint projects together. Sometimes these projects have been of a cultural nature, such as Youth Exchange, but for the last ten years or so, have been service projects, to help the less fortunate in 2nd or 3rd world countries. We have provided computer and other equipment for schools in Gomel, Belarus, and in 2015, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our twinning, have funded a new medical centre in Kerala, India.  See the full story here.

Farnham Lions in Dresden Frankenberg Lions visiting Alice Holt IMG 0246 - Version 2
Farnham Lions in Dresden Frankenberg Lions in Alice Holt

Presentation at the 20th Anniversary

Farnham on Tour in Frankenberg from 7th - 9th October 2016

Twenty-one of our members, present and past, travelled by car, boat and plane to visit our great friends in Frankenberg for a weekend of pure joy - well the way to a mans heart is through his stomach they say and there was certainly much to fill our stomachs! Hosted in our German colleagues homes for dinner on Friday night and into the early hours before awaking to join a trip by coach to the beautiful town of Wetzlar. Greeted by the President of the Wetzlar Lions and by the sunshine the day started well.  Wetzlar owes much of its fame to being the seat of the Imperial Supreme Court in the Holy Roman Empire. A truly beautiful ancient town with a wonderful medieval cathedral. Culture is always appreciated to help walk off the dinner...... and prepare for luncheon! In the afternoon, a visit to the nearby Leica photography and camera museum which was fascinating, and then back to our hosts homes to prepare for dinner. A great day out and time for a brunch, thats a breakfast followed immediately by a lunch, before setting off on our various routes home. A thoroughly enjoyable social weekend building on the goodwill and fellowship with our German twins. Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Wetzlar Cathedral Inside The Cathedral Antje on Tour
A lot of history The Group Wetzlar skyline
Time for Lunch Leica factory Lions on Tour
Leica Museum Wetzlar history Brunch before departure....

Frankenberg Lions visit Farnham on 1st-3rd October, 2015

Farnham welcomed and hosted 15 visitors from Frankenberg for the weekend and  after greetings and dinners on the Friday evening we all travelled to show our visitors the splendour that is Hampton Court Palace and grounds. The sun shone ( amazingly) and after a glorious day we spent the evening hosting a race night ate the Conservative Club in Farnham. Sunday saw us visit Sailability where the team were very welcoming and showed many Farnham Lions and our Frankenberg colleagues the incredible work that they do enabling access to sailing for so many.  Wrapping up the weekend we dined at Hindhead Golf Club and then took our friends back to Heathrow for their homeward journey. The relationship is as strong a ever and I am sure there will be many travelling to Frankenberg in 2016. 

Hampton Court Gardens

Group at Hampton Court
                     At Hampton Court Palace
Race night

Hanovarian Housemates A Generation of Visitors In the kitchens
The Lions Fleet Sailability Visit

                               Our Visit to Sailability
Cloud 9

Back in 2014, it was the turn of Farnham Lions to visit our twin Club in Frankenberg between 10th and 12th October. Many Lions planned and went on the trip, with some extending their visit either before or after the visit dates. Some hardy folk even extended at both ends!

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the two clubs' twinning and our then President, Keith Harris, made a presentation of a Lions banner for the Frankenberg Club to use at their events. In return, Frankenberg presented Farnham with a superb printed album recording 20 years of our twinning events and projects. Some great evenings and fellowship were enjoyed by all and it was superb that Rolf Blutner and Howard Lee were both there, as it was Howard and Rolf that were the force behind initiating the relationship 20 years ago.