Bands for 2020 Beerex

are yet to be announced. In 2019 they were:

Making their Beerex debut on Thursday evening will be The Nefarious Picaroons with their Stomped-up pop-folk that’s guaranteed to get any audience onto their feet, dancing, singing and smiling along.

Nefarious Picaroons

To see and hear more of The Nefarious Picaroons take a look at one of their you tube videos - just click on the picture above.

Friday night regulars DisCover return again in 2019 with their infectious mix of pop and rock classics. “We love playing Beerex,” say the band. “We play lots of gigs every year, but Beerex is always one of the highlights. There’s a fantastic atmosphere, with everyone joining in while being careful not to spill their ale.” The band play songs from the 50s to the present day. Get your voice ready again


For Saturday lunchtime, well just as we said last year Saturday lunchtimes just wouldn’t be the same without the Gambit Jazzmen and so they are back again. Magic to hear them again. Originally formed in 1982 from Kent based musicians, but now, consisting of musicians who travel from around the South of England and East Anglia. The Gambit Jazzmen have a reputation for good, hot, New Orleans music, and enjoy playing a large repertoire. Just like the early Ken Colyer, Kid Ory and George Lewis bands, they consider themselves a powerful combination creating an exciting atmosphere on stage, and are certainly a great accompaniment to your Saturday pint.


And finally for 2019, we welcome back The Farleys; a family band - all brothers - and all the songs they play have been written by their mother - Ma Farley - over the last hundred or more years.  She’s a remarkably well lived woman due to vitamins, prayer, and a voracious sexual appetite. Unfortunately, over the decades, Ma’s peccadillos with the leading names in music have resulted in many of these amazing songs being stolen from Mama’s Chest as she lay sleeping in post-coital bliss. This is why they might sound familiar to you. The Farleys are used to playing rabble rousing pub sets, cabaret sets and festival stages.  Always entertaining and we look forward to seeing them again at Beerex.

The farleys                                                                                

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