Ticket Refund Policy

All tickets purchased on our website may be eligible for refunds. All tickets for events are fully refundable for three days (72 hours) after you purchase them. After this and once tickets are issued they are no longer refundable. All refunds will be for the face value of the ticket as charged, the small handling fee will not be refunded. 

How to request a Refund 

Go to /_contact.html

1.Specify your name, email and what you wish to have refunded. If you have purchased multiple tickets you may request to return all or some of them. 

2.We will reply and issue a refund if in accordance with our policy above. 

Cancelled / Rescheduled Events

If you ordered your tickets online, we have you covered! 

You will be notified that the event is cancelled and Refunds should be received within 7-10 business days after we learn the event has been cancelled. For postponed or rescheduled events all tickets will be honoured at the new date / time and refunds offered to those not able or wishing to attend.